Academic Degrees & Programs

Academic Degrees & Programs

Undergraduate Degrees and Certificates

Our student-centered, dynamic approach encourages students to engage in practical ways within the broader social world.


Women's & Ethnic Studies, BA
The WEST program studies marginalized communities globally, using an intersectional approach that considers various hierarchies. The program emphasizes cultural responsiveness, innovative teaching, critical thinking, community engagement, and global awareness.

Women's & Ethnic Studies, BI
The BI program combines a WEST degree's critical approach with entrepreneurship and business skills. The program equips students to creatively address social issues by analyzing the intersections of different hierarchies, such as race, gender, and disability.

Women's & Ethnic Studies, Minor
The WEST minor, like the major, emphasizes intersectionality, cultural responsiveness, critical thinking, creativity, community engagement, and global awareness. Students take the core course Introduction to Social Justice Studies plus 15 credits of WEST electives to explore their interests.

Women's & Ethnic Students and Anthropology, Double Major

Women's & Ethnic Studies and History, Double Major

Women's & Ethnic Students and Psychology, Double Major

Women's & Ethnic Studies and Sociology, Double Major


WEST & Sociology
The Civics Certificate in WEST & Sociology program provides an in-depth understanding of sociocultural hierarchies and the dynamic relationship between marginalized populations and the U.S. Government.

Disability Studies
The Undergraduate Disability Studies Certificate offers a comprehensive understanding of the interdisciplinary field and prepares students for various career paths, including social work, community action organizations, social services, graduate/professional schools, and the private sector.

Gender & Sexualities Studies
The Gender & Sexualities Studies certificate program examines sexuality and gender as social identities shaped by oppression and privilege, inspired by feminist and LGBTQ rights movements. The program takes a multi-disciplinary approach and offers courses and academic associations. It is ideal for students interested in understanding these topics more deeply.

Global Studies
The WEST program studies global social phenomena from a transnational perspective, considering various regional, ethnic, and institutional identities. It offers courses on gender, race/ethnicity, class, sexuality, disability, identity, sovereignty, citizenship, social interaction at local and global levels, international networks, social movements, and grassroots organizing. These courses promote social activism and agency for global women and under-represented populations.

Latino/a Studies
The Latino/a Studies Certificate program focuses on deepening understanding of the histories, cultures, and perspectives of marginalized Latino/a communities in the United States and abroad. It engages students in ongoing debates about transnational Latina/o identities and fosters critical thinking about related issues.

Native American & Indigenous Studies
The Native American & Indigenous Studies certificate program investigates Indigenous knowledge globally with a focus on Native American groups in the US, First Nations in Canada, and Pacific Islanders. The program explores social justice issues related to race, ethnicity, gender, sexuality, class, disability, and environmental justice. The program provides students with an understanding of Indigenous culture and perspective to address contemporary issues.

Accelerated Program

Accelerated WEST to MBA Program
The Accelerated Master Program (AMP) provides an opportunity for high-achieving students to work concurrently on the Bachelor of Arts in Women’s and Ethnic Studies (BA WEST) and Master of Business Administration (MBA). On average, the program takes 5 to 6 years to complete.

Matrix Center

MATRIX Center for the Advancement of Social Equity and Inclusion

Our mission is to examine and challenge systems of oppression and privilege in society and to implement effective solutions through comprehensive educational programming, literature, institutes, and workshops locally, nationally, and beyond.

We offer two signature programs: the Knapsack Institute: Transforming Teaching and Learning, and a Graduate Certificate in Diversity, Social Justice, and Inclusion.