Current Student Resources

Current Student Resources

Resources for Current Students

Capstone/Summit Requirement

WEST Capstone-flagged Senior Seminar Course (tentative) schedule

Note: In order to fulfill the capstone/summit requirement, students must sign up for WEST 4995 1-credit add on in the same semester they take the capstone-flagged senior seminar

Fall 2023  Spring 2024
4170 Postcolonial Theory & Practice 4140   Unnatural Disasters
4280 Native American Phil Thought 4470   Travel course - Intersections WPC

4480   Racial Storytelling - Travel to Montgomery

4530 Advanced Privilege Studies  
4570  South Sea Tales
  4838  Queering the State
Fall 2024  Spring 2025
4030  Bodies, Genders, Sexualities     4025  Multi-ethnic Literature: Mixxed Media
4xxx  Artivisim      4470 Travel course- Intersections WPC
  4700 Global feminisms  

Clubs & Organizations

Group of people representing PRIDE at MOSAIC office

MOSAIC and the LGBTQ+ Resource Center at UCCS offer support and guidance to student groups dedicated to promoting diversity and inclusion on campus. These student groups come from a variety of cultural backgrounds and include:

  • African Student Association
  • Asian Pacific Islander Student Union
  • Black Student Union
  • Feminist Club
  • Indian Student Alliance
  • International Buddy Club
  • Korean Student Association
  • Latinx Student Union
  • Middle East and Northern Africa Student's Association
  • Native American Student Alliance
  • Sisterhood Club
  • Spectrum (LGBTQ+ Alliance)
  • Women's Student Association.

Each group has its own unique mission and focus, but all share a commitment to creating an inclusive and welcoming campus community.


Dr. Wentling with students

Lower-division Courses: 1000- and 2000-level undergraduate courses

Upper-division Courses: 3000- and 4000-level undergraduate courses

goWEST Newsletter

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WEST produces news several times each semester to communicate student voices, alumni reflections, faculty highlights, community engagements, upcoming opportunities, and more!

Funded Student Research

Student presenting research

Funding is available to undergraduate students through the following programs:

  • UCCS Undergraduate Research Academy
  • LAS Faculty-Student Research
  • Creative Works
  • Community Service Awards

Courses Fulfilling Substantive Requirements

poster showing two multicolored hands

Each WEST major is required to complete courses in three substantive areas. The following are lists of courses that fulfill those requirements.


  • WEST 3070 Global Men and Masculinities 
  • WEST 3280 The Asian American Community 
  • WEST 3370 Boricua Crossings: Puerto Rico and its Diaspora 
  • WEST 3380 Caribbean Literature, History & Theory 
  • WEST 3480 Global Women’s Issues 
  • WEST 3550 Native American Literature 
  • WEST 3780 South Sea Tales 
  • WEST 4050 From the Harem to the War Zone 
  • WEST 4100 Native American Perspectives on Museums 
  • WEST 4120 Indigenous Views on Sustainability 
  • WEST 4170 The Empire Strikes Back: Postcolonial Literature, History & Theory 
  • WEST 4380 Globalization and Development 
  • WEST 4780 Global Migration


  • WEST 2040 Global Black Women Writers
  • WEST 2500 Social Justice through Film
  • WEST 3020 Me, Myself, and I: Life Writing, Autobiography
  • WEST 3100 Women of Color: Image and Voice
  • WEST 3360 US Latina/o Literature
  • WEST 3380 Caribbean Literature, History & Theory
  • WEST 3550 Native American Literature
  • WEST 3780 South Sea Tales
  • WEST 4100 Native American Perspectives on Museums


  • WEST 2070 Foundations in Native American Studies
  • WEST 3060 Multiracial Identities
  • WEST 3090 Peep Show
  • WEST 3130 Gender, Race, and Sexuality
  • WEST 3280 Asian American Communities
  • WEST 3290 Perspectives on Race & Ethnic Relations
  • WEST 3480 Global Women’s Issues
  • WEST 3620 Media and Consumption: Monopolies, Myths and Misrepresentations
  • WEST 4120 Indigenous Views on Sustainability
  • WEST 4160 The Transatlantic Slave Trade: A Comparative, Cross-cultural Perspective
  • WEST 4170 The Empire Strikes Back: Postcolonial Literature, History, & Theory
  • WEST 4280 Native American Philosophical Thought
  • WEST 4470 Intersections of Privilege
  • WEST 4480 Racial Storytelling 
  • WEST 4530 Advanced Privilege Studies

Scholarships and Financial Aid

We recognize that college represents a significant investment and want to ensure that every student who wants to join our program is able to do so. Please visit the UCCS Financial Aid website for current information on the opportunities for funding this investment in your future.

UCCS also offers a series of diversity-related scholarships. For more information, please visit the DEI Scholarships page.