Our mission is to think critically about the intersections of race, class, gender, sexuality, disability, nationality and other hierarchies; to understand history, culture and society from a range of perspectives, including those emanating from individuals and communities whose stories and lives have been marginalized; to advocate for human rights and social and environmental justice; and to develop consciousness about multiethnic and gender issues locally, domestically, globally and transnationally.

Ultimately, our vision is to develop skills to shape our collective future in ways that foster diversity and equity.

Dr. Heather Albanesi
Director, Women's and Ethnic Studies


Upcoming Classes

Intersections of Privilege Travel Course
April 12-15 MESA, AZ

Participating in the national, award-winning White Privilege Conference is a unique opportunity to hear from some of the leading scholars and educators in the field of social justice and to actively participate in a wide range of interactive workshops and institutes. This course is designed to provide a solid foundtaion of knowledge and skills before the conference, and integrate and reflect upon the challenging experience and knowledge you learn there.

Contact: Professor Ferber for details: aferber@uccs.edu

SESSION B (3/14/2023 - 5/13/2023)


Robots, Futures and Asian America
WEST 3900

This course explores why Asian Americans are closely associated with technology. Asian Americans, like representations of robots, have been characterized as futuristic laborers, immigrants, second-class citizens, and emotionless, machine-like automatons

Spring 2023

Friday 1050am to 130pm

Face to Face

Dr. Sidne Lyon

 This course meets the Creative and Artistic Expression Substantive Area requirement for WEST major

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