• Civics Certificate in WEST and Sociology

    The Civics Certificate in WEST & Sociology advances critical thinking about race, class, gender, sexuality, disability, and other socio-cultural hierarchies by focusing on dynamic relationships between the U.S. Government and marginalized populations within American society. The Civics Certificate in WEST & Sociology encourages a broader understanding of citizenship, democracy, obligations, participation, protest, and social justice. The Civics Certificate in WEST & Sociology helps, in part, to fulfill our vision that students develop and refine skills to shape a collective future in which equity and justice prevail.

  • Disability Studies

    For undergraduate students wishing to develop understanding of the interdisciplinary field of disability studies, we offer an undergraduate certificate of specialization. Completion of the certificate provides evidence of specialized study, which can be beneficial for enhancing future career options and interests. The certificate is useful for students planning careers in the private sector and educational institutions, including social work, graduate and professional schools, community action organizations, and social services.

  • Gender and Sexualities Studies

    Gender and Sexualities Studies examines sexuality as a social phenomenon, social process, social construct, formation of identity, role, and performance. Following various threads of feminist and LGBTQ rights movements, the burgeoning field of Gender and Sexualities Studies has witnessed the development of academic associations and journals, as well as university courses and programs across U.S. and beyond. Gender and Sexualities Studies is inspired by multi- and inter- disciplinary approaches that view sexualities and gender as social identities shaped by oppression and privilege. 

  • Global Studies

    The WEST program approaches the study of global social phenomena as a complex and dynamic product of multiple regional, ethnic, and institutional identities from a transnational perspective. It offers a variety of courses that explore the intersections among gender, race/ethnicity, class, sexuality, disability, identity, sovereignty, citizenship, local and global levels of social interaction, international networks, social movements, and grassroots organizing that allow for social activism and agency of global women and other under-represented populations.

  • Latino/a Studies

    The WEST program is committed to deepening the understanding of the histories, cultures, and perspectives of groups whose stories and experiences have been marginalized, with special emphasis on those within our own community. Thus, an area that we are developing within the program is Latino/a Studies. Approached with a special emphasis on cultural and historical context, the Latino/a Studies Certificate is designed to highlight the diverse experiences of the various Latino/a communities in the United States and abroad, and engage students in the ongoing debate regarding how transnational Latina/o identifications are constructed and defined in the wake of the globalization, migration, and diaspora.

  • Native American & Indigenous Studies

    The Women’s and Ethnic Studies program (WEST) has a strong emphasis in diversity and social justice issues, highlighting race and ethnicity, gender, sexuality, class, disability and environmental justice. An area that we are developing within the program is Native American and Indigenous Studies, which investigates not only American Indian issues but also the concept of Indigenous knowledge worldwide, with special emphasis on Indian Nations within the United States, First Nations in Canada, and Pacific Islanders.

Undergraduate Certificate Applications

Please declare your intent to pursue a certificate below or to submit a completion application after finishing the course requirements and supporting documents. Students planning to work on more than one certificate will need to submit a separate declaration and completion form for each certificate.

  • WEST Undergraduate Certificate Declaration Form
  • WEST Undergraduate Certificate Completion Form

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