Graduate Certificate in Disability Studies

Disability Studies

For undergraduate students wishing to develop understanding of the interdisciplinary field of disability studies

We offer a undergraduate certificate of specialization. Completion of the certificate provides evidence of specialized study, which can be beneficial for enhancing future career options and interests. The certificate is useful for students planning careers in the private sector and educational institutions, including social work, graduate and professional schools, community action organizations, and social services.

General Requirements

  • Minimum requirement for completion: four courses, for a total of twelve credits.
  • A minimum grade of 3.3 is required for each course applied toward the certificate.
  • All courses must be at the 5000 level or above. Independent studies may not be used to earn this certificate.
  • Up to three Graduate transfer credit hours may be applied to the certificate from disability studies courses approved by the certificate coordinator.
  • To complete the certificate program, students are required to submit a transcript and a five-page, self-statement, evaluating changes in their perceptions of disability issues as a result of program participation and implications for future scholarly and professional work.

Course Options

  • SOC 5230 Foundations of Disability Studies
  • SOC 5240 Sociology of Dis/Ability
  • SPED 5000 Disability Studies in Education
  • SOC 5010 Advanced Theory: An Interdisciplinary Approach
  • SOC 5010 Sociology of the Military, Disability, and Trauma

Additional disability studies related special-topic courses may be offered that can be counted toward the graduate certificate. These courses must be approved in advance by the certificate coordinator.

For Further Information

Dr. Heather Albanesi
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