What Students are Saying about WEST…

“My experience in WEST is essential in that it provides sharply focused lenses with which to examine the intersections of privilege and power...it is my opinion that having this increased focus helps make individuals more well-rounded in every aspect of their lives.” ~Jason Bovee~

“The worth of a person is not measured by her education, but by the worth she discovers in herself...thank you WEST for helping me discover the value in my life.” ~Iris Bulalayao~

“WEST is one of the most innovative and sophisticated approaches to the study of race and gender that is currently being offered in the academy...with the combination of activism and academic rigor that WEST offers, students leave prepared for a complex world that is increasingly global. An added bonus is that you work with some of the most amazing faculty who push you intellectually and facilitate your personal growth as well.” ~Caleb Rainey~

“Adding WEST as a double major has not only broadened my knowledge of race, class, and gender, but it has assisted me in developing as a person and finding out who I truly am. The faculty not only demonstrate excellence in teaching but also genuinely care about you as a person. My experience as a WEST major has helped me immensely in understanding U.S social reality and developing my social consciousness. It has assisted me with networking and building coalitions with other community organizations, all of which has built a solid foundation for my future as a professional.” ~Melissa Moffett~

“Becoming a student in the WEST program was the best option, hands down. The diversity of staff and subject matter allow students to be more self-directed in their emphasis, and all students are encouraged to bring their personal perspectives to the table. While our work starts in the classroom, the WEST program and faculty encourages students to continue that work in our everyday lives.” ~Elizabeth Binion~

“The WEST program at UCCS has completely changed my life. The passion and vision that the professors have for this work has made me want to devote my life to social justice. The whole experience has been incredibly enriching and fulfilling. I think that everyone should be required to take a WEST course before graduation.” ~Jessica Blount~


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