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  • The Women's Guide to Business School

    While the business world currently encompasses more male professionals, women continue to make strides by pursuing careers in business and its related fields. Women in business are subject to challenges and opportunities distinct from those of their male counterparts, so whether they are pursuing degrees or already making a name for themselves in the industry, it is important that female students and professionals are prepared to harness their strengths, find the right resources, and strive for equality in the workplace. Students and businesswomen can find tips, scholarships, business grants and expert advice in this guide to help them excel in school and their careers.

  • How Women, Companies and Organizations Are Closing the Gender Gap

    Today, women earn significantly more master's degrees than men, and in a diversity of fields. Nonetheless, women continue to face challenges to higher education, and remain under-represented in a number of industries. Thankfully, many schools and organizations recognize these trends and are taking steps to address them. Learn more about the state of women in graduate school, and the programs that help them succeed.

  • Resource Center for Women in Business

    Across diverse industries, women are making a more significant mark on business and the economy than ever before. If you want to be the next woman leader in business or start your own company, bookmark these resources for women in business.

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